Hybrid heat pumps

The Hybrid Heat Pump is able to produce very high temperatures up to 115°C using standard low pressure components. It represents a new way of thinking within energy recovery. Utilizing the dual natural refrigerants of ammonia and water in one cycle the Hybrid Heat Pump takes and applies heat in two ways. The dual refrigerant allows the Hybrid Heat Pump to apply heat with the chemical process of absorption as well as compression and take heat with the chemical process of desorption as well as evaporation. A compression/absorption heat pump cycle using ammonia/water as working fluid offer advantages like high temperature lifts, low-pressure ratios and capacity control. It is this dual process that makes for high temperature glides inside the heat exchangers. This allows the Hybrid Heat Pump to heat to high temperatures as well as cool to low temperatures.

Furthermore the Hybrid Heat Pump:

  • Based on Osenbrück’s Process and following the Lorentz cycle
  • Combines Absorption and Compression
  • Uses natural refrigerant (NH3/H2O mixture)
  • Built with standard pieces of equipment for the industry
  • Delivers heat at temperature level of 70°C…115°C
  • Operates at low pressure (below 20 bar) compared to conventional HP
  • Recovers waste energy from 5°C…65°C (preferred range)
  • From 250kW to 1,5MW with one unit
  • Can easily be put in cascade with a chiller

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